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Reasons why EUSS Certified™ product is better


One of the main our business points is a quality investigation. We are doing our best and working hard on our product quality improvements!


Before placing any products in market we completely test these products in different ways, such as performance tests, stress tests, "Ease of use" tests and etc...


GD IT Solutions Ltd is positioning itself as a super-opened and super-honest with our customers and partners business. We don't have any hidden costs, our products are free of any viruses or back-doors. You have a complete control of the service or products you have ordered!

Excellent Customer Experience

Company's main target is to deliver the best customer service for our customers and partners nationwide. We are always open to suggestions and improvements to our services.

Euss™ Team Latest News

We are currently working under our new "Working Desk" module. It will be centralized table (By default - first page for employees) where will be available all features, depending on rights, that need to work for current logged in employee.

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We will not be able to answer your questions and enquires on the following dates: 25th-26th of December 2017 and from 31st of December 2017 to 4th of January 2018. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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We bring to your attention the new version of the Quby™ Core. The new version includes a huge number of new functions and innovations, and for greater convenience we have reworked most of all modules and plugins. 
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 As Microsoft, Facebook, and other tech giants introduced chatbot platforms over the past few years, their unveilings and demos focused overwhelmingly on customer service. It’s easy to see why: at least in theory, a bot can do a lot to make interactions with customers more efficient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to create a website?

Our prices on web development and web design vary. The price depends on how complex is your website idea, does your website require any back-end functions or it is just a company business page or personal blog, as well as it depends on if you have your own design PSD (Photoshop) source file, and many other factors. To quote an approximate price of a product, please use our semi-automated quotation system. Get a price quote - free of any charges!

Do you have any pre-made web products?

Yes, we do some pre-made products, and we work on them and their updates very hard. All of this products can be delivered with design or without. Please, use this link to find out more about products and our product features.

Do you provide any update for your product and how much is it?

Yes, we provide updates on our products and solutions. We release updates for our products every 1-2 weeks, and we offer flexible support tariff plans. Costs of product support services depends on the product that you have bought, if you are a private person or a company, the level of product popularity and sold copies if this is a pre-made web product.

Can you make my website refactoring?

Yes, we can do website and design refactoring! Follow this link to ask for a website refactoring and we will send to you an approximate quote!