Quby Core™ v.1.01.2348 release!

Dear customers, we are releasing our new Quby core update for you much faster than we thought. Euss team has done a lot for this update. This update mostly affects the structure of Quby™ Core and its news module.

The following works were carried out:

    1. News Module rewrite:

a. We reviewed code of news module and decided to rewrite it. Now you are able to make separate news on your main page and under login.

b. You are now able to mark your news on the main page with different colors (Can be found on our main page)

c. Popup full article - All news under "Mainpage news" category opens now in a popup window.

d. Productivity - We rewrote text editor and all images now will be saved to the folder and not to the database in base64 format. This will increase page load time up to 50%.

    2. Registration module:

a.  Added step-by-step registration

b. Added registration by employment type (Registration field load is depending on the type user chooses)

    3. Core code optimization:

a. Fixed known bugs after login and registration.

b. Code optimization - We are still working hard to make our code more effective.

c. Encryption - We decided to encrypt some of our code to protect it from copy-paste and prevent leak of this code to the internet. 

d. Version control - Now it is possible to check your version in the admin panel. If version will be out of date, you will receive a notification.

Everyone who needs this update, please, contact us and we will install this update for you on request.


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