About Us
Euss™ Team is a team of highly professional developers of web and desktop applications. At the moment, the main development of our team is Quby™ Core. The Quby™ Core is not just a CMS, this system embodies all the tools that are necessary for the management and conduct of any business. The united Quby™ Core system includes flexible management of your business page, automation of company processes, asset management and accounting.

You ask, and what is the uniqueness of the system, because there are many similar systems on the Internet?
Our answer will be an individual approach to each client. While companies are paying thousands and thousands of pounds to develop their ERP, CRM systems and landing pages and try to work with all systems simultaneously, we offer the same functions conveniently combined in one system - the Quby™ Core system, for much more affordable prices .

All you need to get a Lifetime Quby™ Core business management system licence is to register, confirm your identity,  use the order constructor to construct your Quby™ Core and place your order. The price in most cases is fixed and is less than 1000 pounds.